Cannot use ROS Dynamixel SDK

I have been following this tutorial, from your youtube channel.

I git clone, the sdk, successfully build it with catkin_make, start roscore.

In another terminal, i do source devel/setup.bash and then rosrun dynamixel_sdk_examples read_write_node.

However, i get Failed to enable torque for Dynamixel ID 1.
I start the Dynamixel Wizard 2.0 software and change the ID manually.
However, the error persists bit the ID is changed in the message.

For example, if i change its ID to 1, then the error message becomes Failed to enable torque for Dynamixel ID 2

I think you should clarify your hardware setup.

Some types of DYNAMIXEL has different control table depending on what model to be used.

And seems that the video uses DYNAMIXEL-X series. If you are not using the X series DYNAMIXEL, you could fail to access its address.

Make sure to check all setting is right such as your port setup (/dev/ttyUSB#), Baudrates, Protocol and etc. (Obviously, the port and baudrates are correct, but just check again step by step).

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I am using Dynamixel xh430-w210.
In the video, there was no mention of change, regarding the model i have.
After the build, the only command i used was this:
rosrun dynamixel_sdk_examples read_write_node which looks model agnostic.

Any help wold be appreciated!

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Seems that the code is using two DYNAMIXELs for ROS example.


If you are using one DYNAMIXEL only, I think this would be okay to delete relevant code to DXL2_ID.