Changing Profile Velocity under Position Control Mode

I want to change the speed of the rotation, when in Position Control Mode.
They way to do this, is by changing the Profile Velocity item.

I researched in the docs (XH430-W210-T/R) and it mentions the Drive Mode.

However, it is not clear to me what is the Drive Mode, or what its value should be (always in Position Control Mode). Can anyone explain this to me?

In addition to that, the Profile Velocity itself is not clear to me.
There are two items under it, Unit and Range.

Unit sets the time span for the profile and Range is set between the values of 0 ~ 32737. Can someone explain what these mean?

Thanks a lot!

I have made this video for the XL430, but I think that the concepts still apply to the XH430.


It might be confusing with a self-study without DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0

Here is an option you can select with Drive Mode(10)

#1 [0] Velocity-based Profile: Create a Profile based on Velocity

Literally, Velocity-based Profile option determines velocity in Position Mode. Higher number is, the velocity in motion increase. (Ignore the term of range 0 to 32767. This is just range of number you can set, but all range would not be used).

In this case, the Velocify-based Profile in Profile Velocity(112) can be referred to. Per value (Unit) increase the 0.229 rev/min according to the table below. For example, If the Profile Velocity(112) is 10, the velocity in motion would be 0.229 * 10 = 2.29 rev/min

Velocity-based Profile Values Description
Unit 0.229 [rev/min] Sets velocity of the Profile
Range 0 ~ 32767 ‘0’ represents an infinite velocity

#2. [1] Time-based Profile: Create Profile based on time

Unlikely the Velocity-based Profile, this allow DYNAMIXEL to reach the Goal Position in set time.

Time-based Profile Values Description
Unit 1 [msec] Sets the time span for the Profile
Range 0 ~ 32737 ‘0’ represents an infinite velocity.

For instance, when it’s set 5000, the movement is done around 5s theoretically.

Be aware that applicable range of value can differ depending on the specification of DYNAMIXEL