Changing PWM Limit c++

Hi is there a way to change the PWM limit on the dynamixel SDK? I know I can change it on the wizard, so I assume there should be an equivalent on the SDK I don’t know about.

Hi, you can access to any control table address with DYNAMIXEL SDK as it offers you a very low level API such as read2ByteTxRx() or write2ByteTxRx().

However, the PWM Limit is in the EEPROM Area, in order to modify the value in EEPROM Area, you should turn off the Torque first.

For example, if you are using XM430-W210-T DYNAMIXEL, the address for PWM Limit begins at 36 and consist of 2 byte data.
You can write a new PWM Limit value as below.

write2ByteTxRx(portHandler, DXL_ID, PWN_LIMIT_ADDRESS, NEW_PWM_VALUE, &dxl_error);

Thank you.