Cm-150 is closing

I am uploading code to CM-150. It closes after the code is loaded. This wasn’t happening before. why is this happening?
CM-150’ye kod yüklüyorum. kod yüklendikten sonra kapanıyor. bu önceden olmuyordu. neden oluyor bu?

Yes, an old-timer like me still remembers the situation when my CM-150 robot would take off as soon as I downloaded my TASK code to it. A few years ago, not sure when and with which firmware update, but the CM-150 would turn itself off after downloading a TASK program like you have noticed and this is a better procedure by the way,

Can you check your CM-150 firmware version please. It should be V.37 currently (December 2023).

i was update v.37 at a week ago.

In short it is normal for the CM-150 to turn itself off after a new program had been downloaded to it.