Cm-530 camera with raspberry pi connection

Is there a way to connect a raspberry pi and camera to the cm530 similar to :

“Theoretically” your application needs are achievable, but I have not personally created such a solution yet. I recently published a book for interfacing an RPi4B to a CM-550 (not a CM-530) ( These two videos should give you a good idea of what can be done with a CM-550:

For your case, on the CM-530 you can stay with TASK and MOTION programming, on the RPi4B you can use either Python or C/C++. For hardware connection between the RPi4B and the CM-530, you can use an LN-101 on the RPi4B side and connect its 4-pin cable to the UART port on the CM-530 - if your RPi and CM-530 are physically close to one another. If they are “further away” from each other, you should be able to use a BT-410 USB dongle on the RPi4B side and a BT-410 receiver on the CM-530 side. Software-wise, you should have all your Machine Vision work done on the RPi and just send simple Remocon packets representing various commands to the CM-530 for it to activate its servos and sensors. The Remocon packet protocol is documented here
RC-100A/100B .

On the RPi4B: if you use Python, you can use the PySerial library to send/receive these Remocon packets; or if you use C/C++ on the RPi you can use the ROBOTIS ZigBee/Zig2Serial SDK (ZIGBEE SDk).

If you can share more details about your project and your experiences in using ROBOTIS hardware and software, I can offer more precise information appropriate to your situation.

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Thanks for the comprehensive guide.
In the following link it connects rp zero to cm-550:

It’s not clear though how the connection is done (is it through Bluetooth or serial)? Is it possible to do the same with cm-530?

The RPi0W included in the ENGINEER Kit 2 is specially configured by ROBOTIS and so it is proprietary to them, i.e. you should treat it like another Dynamixel with ID=201. This RPi0W is using USB cable connection to the CM-550 (micro USB to micro USB).
It sounds like that you are wanting to use the RPi0W with your CM-530? From my experiences, the RPi0W does not have enough computing power to do Machine Vision work, I had to use the regular RPi4B. What RPi model do you plan to use with your project?
I am currently working on a project to see how I can use an RPi4B with CM-530, using either USB or BT-410 connection, so I don’t have a firm answer either way yet. Maybe another week or so.

I would prefer the rpi0, for size reasons.

Unfortunately, I do not have an RPi0W that I can work on. So I won’t be able to help specifically that way. So I can only help with a “proof-of-concept” via the RPi4B with 64 Bit OS, and probably via Python + PySerial interface.

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Good news! Communications programming between an RPi4B and a CM-530 worked fine using Remocon Packet: see details in this video


Cool, that’s awesome. Thanks a lot for your feedback.

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This is awesome! The coding is beyond my skill set at the moment, but I am hoping that once I go through your book that I will be able to extend the concepts to my Bioloid Premium equipment.

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For Python, the detailed concepts are described in Section 2.3 of Vol.1 (of my ENGINEER book series) for the Windows PC environment, then they are “re-applied” for the RPi4B environment in Section 4.3 for Vol. 2 (practically unchanged). When you compare the relevant codes, you will see that only the COM Port definition had changed (because eLinux names COM ports differently than Windows OS - :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:). These Remocon concepts work “across-the-board” from the CM-5 through CM-550 (including OpenCM-904 and probably any future CM controllers) as long as you use TASK codes on the robot side (and MicroPython if you use CM-550).

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