Commented Versions of Engineer Kit 2 Sample Files

Users of the Windows version of R+3.0 MicroPython editor will notice that there are no comments documenting the Python files. There are commented versions in the Engineer Kit 2 eManual for download, but the comments are primarily Korean. I am attaching translated files in PDF format for those who may benefit. The comments have been very helpful. 04_ENG2_Autobot_PY_Translated.pdf (119.9 KB) 02_ENG2_Commando_PY_Translated.pdf (221.5 KB) 01_ENG2_Max_E2_PY_Translated.pdf (190.1 KB) 03_ENG2_Scorpi_PY_Translated.pdf (170.7 KB) 05_ENG2_Strider_PY_Translated.pdf (170.9 KB)


Thank you very much for the translation work. These translated versions are quite helpful to my projects.

Thanks for sharing these files and welcome to the community! The comments are definitely helpful for users to review.
I believe there are a number of updates in progress for R+ Task 3.0 so hopefully these comments will be available directly through the software, soon.
Thanks for adding the tag for the ENGINEER Kit to the post- I’ll also add our tag for R+ Task 3.0 software too. (Because of the allowable symbols in the tags, tags for our “R+” softwares will be written “Rplus…”)

Good news! With the release of TASK V.3.1.5 a few days ago, all the Python codes are now provided with comments in Korean and English.