Compatibility between OpenCR 1.0 and U2D2

Hello, I am a college student who recently purchased manipulator X and am trying to operate it.

I followed the manual and ended up installing Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS instead of version 16.04. However, the installation of ROS 1 didn’t go well. Therefore, I decided to install ROS 2. But while following a YouTube video, I got stuck from the third command (git clone -b $ROS_DISTRO-devel GitHub - ROBOTIS-GIT/DynamixelSDK: ROBOTIS Dynamixel SDK (Protocol1.0/2.0)) and couldn’t proceed.

So, if I review it again and still have no success, I’m thinking of trying MATLAB. The YouTube tutorial(MATLAB) suggests using U2D2. Can OpenCR 1.0 not be used in a similar way to U2D2?

The OpenCR1.0 can be used as a serial to USB converter like the U2D2 by uploading the usb_to_dxl.ino example sketch that is included in the OpenCR board manager package.

Thank you for your help. I understood that.