Configuring Dynamixel with OpenCR

I have 2 old and 2 new Dynamixels, and want to use them in a tank configuration. I assume I need to change the ID of the new ones, and configure the secondary IDs of all 4. I see the Dynamixel Wizard, but don’t see instructions for how to communicate through the OpenCR.
I also wonder if I need to change other configuration settings so each pair of Dynamixels cooperate with each other.

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Hello @Meldor, thanks for your question!

The OpenCR1.0 can be used as a USB-serial converter similarly to the ROBOTIS U2D2, but it must have a specific example code uploaded to the board for this functionality.

You will need to download the “usb_to_dxl” example available for the board as part of ROBOTIS’ libraries for the OpenCR1.0.

This video details the process of uploading that example code and performing a Firmware Recovery: . Once the example is uploaded, you can connect to the DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0 software as normal.

For settings to change, you will need to ensure the four DYNAMIXELs are using different ID numbers as well as the same baud rate.

Let me know if this helps or whether you have any other questions.

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Thanks, I now have the wizard talking to the Dynamixels.
I’ll post my next question in a new thread.