Connecting Dynamixel 64T

I have a question that what is the difference between connecting Dynamixel 64T directly through U2D2 and connecting through U2D2 power hub board? Actually I want to connect 8 motors of dynamixel 64T using a single U2D2

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Hi @AAKhan

UD2D is the USB level conveter to DYNAMIXEL (TTL / RS485) communication level. The U2D2 itself does not power your DYNAMIXEL as its VCC is vacant as the image below.

Therefore, in order to power the DYNAMIXEL with U2D2 only, you are required powering DYNAMIXEL separately as the image below.


However, with combination of U2D2 and its power hub borad, it can stably power the DYNAMIXELs from the either of three power connectors.

  • NOTE: Be aware that MX series adopts Molex type of conntectors whose connector shape differ from the U2D2 and hub (JST types). You will be requred its compatible or convertible cables such as Robot Cable-X3P (Convertible) 180mm