Connecting OPENRB 150 to U2D2 Powerhub


I am doing a project where I have an OPENRB 150, and U2D2 Powerhub and a dynamixel XL330-M288-T. In order to use all the torque of the servomotor, I need to supply a 5V and 1.47 A, and my openrb can not supply that much power. So I thought of using u2d2 powerhub connecting an external power supply. The thin is that the power supply does not function correctly, as it doesn’t matter to the arduino. My actual configuration is setting OPENRB to VIN (DXL) and connecting the servo and openrb to the powerhub, but the powerhub doesnt work. If I set the OPENRB to 5V then it works, but it works even if I turn off the switch of the Powerhub.

Any ideas or configuration?

If you just use ONE XL-330 with an OpenRB-150, you should not have to use a U2D2 PowerHub at all, as the DXL Port on the OpenRB-150 is rated at 3A.


Your current configuration of setting the Power Jumper to VIN(DXL) is a good choice. Then you need to connect your 5V Power Supply to the Terminal Block (not the GPIO Pin). You do not need the U2D2 Power Hub with this configuration also.

Your OpenRB-150 should work in this configuration, if not there is something wrong with your OpenRB-150 and you need to initiate an RMA if your board is still under warranty.

I have used this configuration with 4 XL-330s or even 12 XL-430s (at 12V) without any problem in the past.

Hi, in the end worked using this configuration.
Hovewer, after using it for days without problem now my computer doesn’t recognize openRB-150 and when I press the restar button the board does nothing, do you have any solutions?

What is the voltage produced by your power supply? Hopefully it should be only 5 volts!

Yeah, the output of my Power Supply is 5 V and 2.1 A: