Connection issue between BT-210 and Windows 11

@Jonathon and @willson

About 6 months ago, I upgraded my PC from Windows 10 to Windows 11, and this PC could scan for BT-210s and connected to them fine at that time. But now 8/9/2023, I just found that Windows 11 would not detect a BT-210 when I asked it to scan for new BT devices. I am not sure when this issue had started to develop. Can you guys help verifying this situation with your own Windows 11 machines?

Thank you.


Thank you for reporting the issue.
I’ll relay this information to the dev team for their review and respond.
Thank you.


I found the solution. For Windows 11, under “Settings >> Bluetooth & devices >> Devices >> Bluetooth devices discovery” - the user needs to choose the “Advanced” Option


It even sees the Embedded BLE module internal to a typical CM-550, but it won’t be able to connect to it, because SPP Services are not allowed on these BLE modules.