Control Dynamixel motor XM430 using Arduino (Teensy), without a shield

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  1. What model(s) of servo are you using?
    XM430, but can use AX12A as well, if needed

  2. Describe your control environment. Include the controller or interface, operating system (and version #) of your computer, and how you are powering your robot.
    I am using Teensy 3.2 (can use 4.0 if needed) and I’m trying to control a Dynamixel XM430/AX12A motor, and I’m powering the robot using batteries.
    I tried several Arduino libraries (mainly “Dynamixel2Arduino” and “Dynamixel”), but the problem is that I cannot use a shield (since I’m using Teensy, and there is no Dynamixel shield for Teensy) so I have problems reading data from the motor. I managed to send data (e.g. write degree, turn led on/off and so on) but couldn’t read any data.
    I figured out it has something to do with the TTL communication, and half/full duplex, which the Dynamixel requires in order to work, and unfortunately the Arduino (/Teensy) isn’t able to provide on its own.

I tried to look up online for ways to solve this issue, however I really couldn’t find anything, it seems as if I’m the only person who have this setup - Dynamixel with Teensy. (or any other Arduino board without a shield)

Is there a way I can achieve my goal? Which components do I need?

Any piece of information will be highly appreciated, thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

As you suspected, you will require a half duplex conversion circuit in order to use the DYNAMIXELs with the Teensy board.

A half duplex conversion board schematic is available on the eManual page for the XM430.