Control speed of dynamixel AX-12A and AX-18A, embedded CM-530

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  1. What model of servo are you using?
    AX-12A and AX-18A

  2. Describe your control environment. This includes the controller or interface, and any power source.
    CM-530, embedded C

  3. Specify the operating mode for applicable models, and any firmware settings you are using.

  4. Include pictures if possible.

  5. Include a full description of the issue.
    I have a problem that I want to control the speed of dynamixel when it change the value. Now it’s too fast and I want it slower. In the “dxl_write_word” function of CM-530 embedded, I try to find which value can help me control it but I can’t. Can you help me figure it out? The thing that I find work the same with “speed rate” in Roboplus motion.