Controlling Turtlebot3 from VMware/ VirtualBox

Is it possible to run Turtlebot3’s remote PC ROS from VMware or VirtualBox?
Do you have any instructions to implement it? I don’t know why I can’t connect to my robot from VMware. Maybe in network settings, I’m doing a mistake.
Thanks for your help!

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Hi @alikhorshidi

I’d not recommend to run ROS on a virtual environment as there are several hassles; e.g network settings, hardware connections, etc.
Thank you.

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Highly recommend using your local PC

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I know but for teaching purposes, Using virtual solutions are easy in term of pre-installation images, etc.
I’ve tried virtual remote PC for turtlebot but can not connect to real turtlebot3 from vmware and I’d some network errors.

It seems like the vmware can be configured to use the physical network setting.
Please try the “bridge mode” as see if it works.