Correct DXL_DIR_PIN for MKR ZERO + DXL MKR Shield

@willson @Yogurt_Man

I am using a MKR ZERO + DXL MKR Shield, and I want to use Dynamixel2Arduino Library directly (instead of DynamixelShield library). And in the current “scan_dynamixel.ino” recommends that I’ll have to define DXL_DIR_PIN = 2, see screen capture below

But I found out that it has to be “A6”. Please re-check to see if I am right or wrong?

In the Serial Monitor screen capture below:
The first results are for when DXL_DIR_PIN = 2
The second results are for when DXL_DIR_PIN = A6 when my 2 servos are found.

Also “A6” jives with the schematic info on e-manual for DXL MKR Shield

Thank you.


Hello, @roboteer

It’s David Park,

You are right, DYNAMIXEL Shield MKR shield’s tx/rx enable is controled through the port A6 at MKR Shield. See the default DXL_DIR_PIN at DynamixelShield.h

The following is the image of explaining what port is assigned at dynamixel shield library by default.

If you would like to use the Dynamixel Shield family with Dynamixel2Arduino library, proper port should be assigend as you did.

Thank you !