Current control mode


i have set my dynamixel servo so that it can only rotate by 90 or -90 degrees. i set this using buttons on my display. now i want to set the current of the servo, as i want to increase or decrease the torque of the servo. can i do this using the current? for example, i was thinking that the value range of the servo is 0-2.047 at 2.69 mA per unit and i can set the slider to this value range. would the torque of the servo then change as i set the current?


What servo are you using? Some models of DYNAMIXEL servo support Current Control mode that will allow you to control your servo’s output force by adjusting the specified goal current.

hi jonathon!

sorry for the late answer. i‘m using the xm540-w270-r.
Does this work with the Servo?

Yes, the XM540-W270-R supports current controlled mode, for force limited operation.