Daisy chaining Waterproof XW-Series

Have you ever wanted to daisy chain your XW servos?

Since the XW servo is a waterproof model, it has only one cable connector unlike other servos.
So, if you want to daisy chain multiple XW servos, you will have to configure the settings yourself according to the environment.

  1. First, check the connector information in the ROBOTIS e-Manual.
    XW Series Connector Information
    And if necessary, modify the cable to suit your configuration.

You may either change the opposite end of the DYNAMIXEL cable to a different connector, or extend the cable using different connectors. Here are the example images using Weipu SP11 connectors.

• Cable + Connector Assembly

• Cable Extension

  1. To connect multiple servos, you will need a splitter. Purchase or make a cable splitter suitable for the configuration. You will be able to find many options online.

• Daisy Chain Using A Splitter

  1. Now, if anyone has made something by daisy chaining XW servos, please share with me.