DeLeaves: Tree Sampling Tool

Partner Spotlight : DeLeaves (Outreach Robotics)

This application was entirely created, developed, and produced by our partner: DeLeaves (Outreach Robotics)

Its purpose is for tree sampling featuring our DYNAMIXEL actuators on the cutting arms:

“The tree canopy reveals much more information than previously thought. The upper third section of a tree contains newly grown and sun-exposed leaves, essential for assessing the nutrient levels of the trees. These leaves are also used as ground truth for airborne multispectral measurements. Reaching this section of a tree represents an important issue for many research projects. With the DeLeaves tool, the security issues related to tree climbing, the use of firearms, or the use of a line launcher are no longer a problem”.

DeLeaves - Browntail Moth Nest Removal

“The Deleaves tool and its cutting arm are also being used to cut down Browntail moth nests in Maine. These moths produce spores that irritate the lungs, eyes, and skin. Going outside while these spores are emitted is actually dangerous if you don’t put proper protective equipment. The Deleaves can cut down the nests before they start emitting those spores. Individuals and companies have acquired the Deleaves to get rid of those. One efficient tool, two different applications.”

For more information, check out this article featured in The Maine Monitor: “Cutting-edge, Aerial Drone Technology Could Help Combat Browntail Moths”

All credit goes to DeLeaves (Outreach Robotics)

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