Detecting Multiple motors issue

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1.I am using XL330-M077-T, XM430-W350-T, XL430-w250-T.

2.I Use U2D2 with 5v and 12V power source depending on the motor i try to control.

  1. I am trying to use the two 430 motors of the mentioned list above. I tried dynamixel wizard. i am unable to detect both motors at the same time. The motors are detected and controllable if i connect them separately but not when i connect both motors to the U2D2+Powerhud or U2D2+Exp485 at the same time.

I need support to know if i am doing something obviously wrong.

Thanks in advance.

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May be two possibilities:

  1. They were assigned with the same ID?
  2. Each DXL somehow was set at a different baud rate?

Update: 9/22/2021
I was curious about your issues so I just made a small project with U2D2 and XL330s + XL430s and they seemed to be working OK for me, see this post

As @roboteer suggested, check there is no overlapping IDs in the chain.

It would be helpful to watch one of DYNAMIXEL Tips | ID Inspection