Do all Dynamixel servos have a gear backlash?

I have the MX-106 servo and it has a gear backlash. As the torque arm gets longer, it starts to become an uncomfortable backlash. Or is this gear backlash normal?
Is this gear backlash available on all servo versions?
If those who have tried other kinds of servos answer, I can come to a good conclusion. I need a servo with no backlash.


All servos utilizing a standard spur gear reduction system are going to have some amount of backlash, due to how the geartrains must mesh.

If you need absolutely 0 backlash for your application, our DYNAMIXEL P actuators have 0 backlash cycloidal reducer.

Thanks for your answer. More torque and precise positioning Which is better to use ‘‘PH42-020-S300-R’’ or ‘‘mx-106T’’?

The PH42-020-S300-R has higher torque and precision than any of our MX series servos.