DRIVE MODE Time-based Profile in position control

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    OpenRB-150 + XL330-M288T Servo

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The following instruction does not have effect on changing drive mode to time-based profile:


begin “_dxl” a pointer to a Dynamixel2Arduino object and “id” the servo ID.

Is there a reason for you to use such a complex argument
_dxl->readControlTableItem(DRIVE_MODE,_id)|0x04 for writeControlTableItem() whereas just 0x04 would do the job?

You did not show any other code, so I am just guessing here:

  1. DRIVE_MODE is in the EEPROM area, so torqueOff() needs to be used before setting DRIVE_MODE. Then use torqueOn() to save this setting in EEPROM.

  2. Furthermore have you set Profile Acceleration and Profile Velocity to proper Time-Control Values that you need/want?