Driving Dynamixels from a PyBoard (micropython on STM32F4)

I did just recently come across someone that has been driving Dynamixel directly from a PyBoard.

He did write his driver some time ago when the bioloid was the current system before Engineering kit came out with the new servos. This was also before Robotis released their python SDK so his driver has both the low level fuctions for sending packets via half duplex but also his own SDK.

At some stage I would like take just his low level fuctions to operate the half duplex UART then add the official Robotis python SDK that way code will portable between PyBoard, PC and RPi.

see his driver here bioloid3/stm_uart_port.py at master · dhylands/bioloid3 · GitHub

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It sounds you are starting a great project by combining two SDK (Specifically used for Bioioid (CM530, STM32Fx))

You might already be noticed that the DYNAMIXEL SDK provides the port controller. See Porthandle.h. If you could implement with software solution to Half-duplex without hardware, it would be great to modify here. But I aussum this will be your own customizing only and ROBOTIS may hesitate your commit into their branch as they are already providing U2D2 solution to DYNAMIXEL for use of SDK.

Share your thought later, although I have very limited knowledge of customizing the firmware of SDK. I want to understand :slight_smile: