Dynamixel MX28 with DynamixelShield not responding

I’m currently working on a robotic gripper project and I am using a Dynamixel MX-28 with and Arduino Yun.
This worked fine with standard libraries but I wanted to get feedback from the motor so purchased a Dynamixel Shield.
Currently have it hooked up to a 12V power supply, motor flashed its led so I know it’s powered, and the Yun is powered through a USB connection to the computer.

I installed both suggested libraries found on the e-manual page,

But when I try to run one of the basic programs, such as ping or led nothing happens with my motor, I get absolutely no response.
I have checked that my Dynamixel version matches the one in the code and the baudrate, but still nothing.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I feel like I may have just wasted money on the shield.

Cheers in advance!


Could you check if your MX-28 is detected from the DynamixelShield example sketch?
File > Examples > DynamixelShield > basic > scan_dynamixel

Since you are using Dynamixel Shield, using Dynamixel2Arduino example may not detect the correct port for DYNAMIXEL communication.
Thank you.