DYNAMIXEL & ROS1 simple examples (C++ and Python)

Hi community,

For those developers who are trying to use DYNAMIXEL on ROS, you might have lost where to start.
Here are the very simple C++ / Python examples of reading and writing Position of DYNAMIXEL by creating a simple node.

Please refer to below video for more details.

And you can also check out the source code for each language.

  • C++ (read_write_node.cpp)
  • Python (read_write_node.py)

Hello willson,

Thanks for joining the page and sharing this video! I think it’s a great explanation of how to set up and get started running DYNAMIXELs with ROS.

Just as a heads up, I’ve moved this thread to our Software & Programming category and I’ll include a shortcut to this thread in the original location.

I might have missed it if you mentioned in the video, but which version of ROS are you using here?

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Thanks for transferring the thread to a proper one.
This is a general guideline for all ROS1 version and available for all current maintained versions : Kinetic, Melodic, and Noetic.
ROS2 example will be coming up soon :slight_smile:

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