Dynamixel Shield for Arduino Uno Max Voltage

What is the max input voltage for the Dynamixel Shield for Arduino Uno?

Is it 12v?


The DYNAMIXEL Shield can use an input voltage of up to 24v through the dedicated power input on the Shield, however when using the power input on the shield be sure disconnect the power jumper connecting the Arduino board’s power.

When the previously mentioned jumper is connected, the Shield and Arduino power circuits are connected, so in this configuration the power is limited to the maximum input voltage of the Arduino board.

Is the input voltage that is applied to VIN passed through to the servo? For example, an MX-28 has a max voltage of 14.8v. If I connected 24v to VIN, it would damage the MX-28?

Yes, the VIN voltage is passed through to connected servos, so make sure that you select a power supply that can safely power your selected servos.