Dynamixel Shield - Servo

Hello together!

I am currently in the process of controlling a servo. I use an Arduino Mega, the Dynamixel Shield, a Nextion HMI touchscreen and the servo.
I am currently at a loss as to how to supply everything. The servo needs 12V. Can anyone help me how to connect everything together and what to look out for. Sorry if the question comes across as a bit silly.


As far as providing power to the servo, you can apply the 12v through the terminal input on the back of the DYNAMIXEL Shield after setting the jumper to the correct position. Then you just need to plug your DYNAMIXEL into the available ports on the Shield.

Would you be able to provide some more information about what other kind of advice you’re seeking? While I may not be able to provide too much information on the non-ROBOTIS components you’re working with, I’ll help as much as I can.