DYNAMIXEL Starter Set Quick Start Guide (U2D2 + U2D2 PHB)

Are you new to DYNAMIXEL, or new to using DYNAMIXEL with your computer? Come watch our Quick Start Guide for the DYNAMIXEL Starter Set, which includes all the products you need to begin using your DYNAMIXEL with ROBOTIS’ free software and programming libraries.

The DYNAMIXEL Starter Set includes U2D2, the U2D2 PHB (Power Hub Board) set, and the SMPS 12V 5A AC adapter. The U2D2 acts as an adapter to let you control DYNAMIXEL smart servos from the USB port of your computer- perfect for software such as DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0, or to start developing your own custom control code or program using our DYNAMIXEL SDK.

Watch our Quick Start Guide here on the ROBOTIS Customer Support YouTube channel!

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