Dynamixel Use in Animatronics

Hi everyone.

My name is Sean, and this is my first post!

As it is my first post, I wanted to share something really interesting (amazing!) with the community!

I found something really interesting yesterday.
Check out this link -> Instargram post
or check out the image below!

It seems like many of their projects use DYNAMIXEL, including some major Hollywood blockbusters!

Do you guys know of any other projects which may have been powered by DYNAMIXEL?
If so, please share with the community!

** Major inspiration!

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Hi @Sean, thanks for joining our page and for sharing this awesome example of DYNAMIXEL in animatronics. I think Jeff looks great as he is!
Those servo-horn frame linkages attached to the X-series units on top look super interesting- it looks like they use the back idlers of the servos to stabilize the joint & possibly support higher load.

I wish we could see Jeff moving in this post, maybe next time. Thanks again for sharing this awesome application to inspire us all!

You can see him in this video!