Dynamixel Wizard 2.0 baud rates

I’m controlling a set of AX-12A servos using a generic CH340 based USB-serial adapter.

For my current project, it’s useful to control the servos at 200000 baud. This works as expected with my control software, but the Dynamixel Wizard is only offering a subset of the available baud rates - 57600, 115200, then 1000000. This is inconvenient when setting up or adjusting the servos.

Is this the expected behaviour for the wizard? Is there an option somewhere to expose all the supported baud rates?


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AX and MX(1.0) series used to provide various baudrate so that users can select specific speed based on the calculations, and these values are still valid if proper packet is sent to those DYNAMIXEL.

Wizard 2.0 does not support a wide range of baudrate as this may cause more confusion to general users since almost all of our customers are able to configure their system with given baudrate.