Dynamixel Wizard not detecting AX-12A


I am currently trying to implement PID control with an AX-12A Dynamixel servo motor. The servo is connected to a Dynamixel Shield and an Arduino Uno. This is then connected to a Windows 11 computer and being powered by a RIGOL power supply.

We are able to run example code from the Dynamixel Shield library, such as position_mode and velocity_mode, and the motor spins. We are also able to use the scan_dynamixel file in Arduino IDE, and it detects our Dynamixel. However, when we try to scan using Dynamixel Wizard, the servo cannot be detected. The motor ID is 2, baud rate is 1000000, and protocol is 1.0. Any ideas of wh this may be happening?


If you are attempting to use the DYNAMIXEL Wizard with your DYNAMIXEL Shield that is likely why your DYNAMIXEL is not being detected, as DYNAMIXEL Wizard is not compatible with the DYNAMXEL Shield or Arduino based controllers.

DYNAMIXEL Wizard is intended to be used with a U2D2 or comparable serial converter to communicate with DYNAMIXELs.

Thanks for the resposne. We do not have a U2D2, but we do have an LN-101; would this be compatible with the Dynamixel Wizard?

Unfortunately, the LN101 USB Downloader is also incompatible with DYNAMIXEL Wizard.