Dynamixel workbench with arduino mega2560

Hi,I would like to know is the Dynamixelworkbench can be used with arduino mega2560 or arduino uno (nano),cause my opencm9.04 was wrong, and i cannot by a new one in a short time.

DYNAMIXEL Workbench itself only officially supports the OpenCM and OpenCR microcontrollers. However, ROBOTIS does provide the DYNAMIXEL2Arduino library that provides support for other Arduino based boards.

thanks for you reply!
And I want to know, what cause the question happend, Why I connet the pin of the board(Arduino mega 2560) with the AX-12A. However nothing happen,Where do I fall short?

Actually, I didn’t modify the Serial in the example first, but the output was garbled. Therefore, I modified DXL_Serial to Serial1 and DEBUG_Serial to Serial. The serial port has output, but the servo does not seem to be connected to the Arduino board.


DYNAMIXEL servos require half-duplex serial communications for communication, and aren’t directly compatible with the full-duplex serial output provided by Arduino boards. In order to correctly communicate with your DYNAMIXEL servo you’ll either need a DYNAMIXEL Shield or to implement our recommended half-duplex communications circuit.

Ok,thanks for your reply.