Dynamixel XC430-W150


I have a question: How can I give a sine velocity (say between -1 and 1 rev/min) to Dynamixel XC430-W150-T using U2D2 and PC without any additional controller?
Actually it does not need to be sine. Back-and-forth movement is adequate.
Is Dynamixel Wizard 2.0 enough for this purpose?

Thank you in advance


DYNAMIXEL requires a controller that can send digital packets to DYNAMIXEL in order to be operated.
You cannot program into DYNAMIXEL for a certain motion.
If DYNAMIXEL is connected to a PC, you can send Goal Position data to DYNAMIXEL, but in this case, your PC will work as a controller.

Thank you for the answer. I am planning to use PC. My question is: Would Dynamixel Wizard’s (operating on PC) Packet utility be adequate? If not a serial interface control code from Matlab would work for such a motion?

Yes, you can use DYNAMIXEL Wizard2.0 packet feature to send and receive packets between DYNAMIXEL.
DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0 is very useful when you need to config and test DYNAMIXEL without programming a code.
Problem with using Wizard 2.0 in your case is that you cannot automatize the motion sequence as you cannot program such thing from Wizard 2.0.
There are better way to achieve this by using DYNAMIXEL SDK in order to operate DYNAMIXEL on various environment including MATLAB.