Dynamixel XL-320 stopped working

Hello everyone, im working with 4 Dynamixel XL-320 using an OpenCM 9.04 to control them.

Im using an exernal power source to power up them with 10v.

The problem is that Im trying to upload a firmware recovery on them beacuse the led stopped blinking when power on connected to the OpenCM 9.04. All 4 xl-320 used to work properly but now they are not responding, and while doing the firmware recovery on R+ Manager the program shows me this error: The installation failed, as shown in the picture below.

They used to work correctly, even using the scan dynamixel example in Arduino found them but now the program cant found them.

Also, Im trying to do a firmware recovery one by one.

Is there any solution to this? Thanks in advance.

Generally, if the red light is not blinking when the DYNAMIXEL is connected to power, that means the servo has experienced hardware damage and cannot be fixed with firmware recovery.

The XL-320 is designed to run on a maximum of 8.4v, so it is likely that your 10v power supply has damaged the actuators.