Dynamixel XM540-W270-T Servo Motor, Is it backdrivable?

My name is Sergio Gugliandolo and I am a member of Isaac team, a student team from Polytechnic of Turin, whose purpose is to design and build mobile service robotics for search and rescue operations.

At this stage of the project, the robot’s joints have to be improved adding about 10 motors.

I am writing to enquire about Dynamixel XM540-W270-T Servo Motor, I have noticed that it has the highest torque, fundamental design requirement.

Unluckly it has a reduction ratio of 272.5:1. Is it still backdrivable?
It is very important for us to equip the robot with a motor which is backdrivable.

If it is not suitable, could you suggest any alternatives?

Hello Sergio,

The XM540-W270-T is backdrivable, and can also support compliant powered motion when used in a current controlled operating mode.

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