DynamixelSDK Library for MATLAB/Simulink

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AX-12a and AX-18a

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Using a U2D2 with the U2D2 Power Hub in Windows 10 version 21H2 (19044.1706) and MATLAB 2022a with Simulink version 10.5 (R2022a)

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Using DynamixelSDK version 3.7.51 from GitHub

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Hi everyone,
I have been working with Dynamixel Servos for a while, but recently, I want to use the SDK in Simulink. As far as I know, there is not an official version which works in Simulink, so surfing a little on the Web, I found this solution:

Dynamixel Simulink Library

I can run servos with this solution, but I got curious if I could use the headers and libraries from the SDK to make blocks using those files. Simulink has that ability in a block called C Caller, also, it has an application called Code Importer which can make blocks using the headers and libraries. It has a Wizard to make this process easier, in a way similar if you are setting up the SDK for LabVIEW.

So, i began to try it, and i can get to make the library to work with almost all of the functions in the SDK, as you can see here:

I’m using this setup to make the custom blocks from the Wizard:

Basically, I’m using the x86 libraries and the header, because if I use the x64 libraries, the wizard cant make the blocks.

I even trying to recreate the examples from LabVIEW into Simulink, like the Ping example:

But, as soon I want to execute the program, I receive this error:

I kind of stuck at the moment, so thats why Im asking for some advice.
Thanks in advance.