Error when try op3_manager with 2 MX-28, 6 MX-64, 12 XM540-W270


I try op3 manager with 2 MX-28, 6 MX-64, 12 XM540-W270

a weeks ago, the servo can work as well. but today, when i try to run the op3manager this massage appear

[ERROR] [1707646848.403888959] Failed to turn on the power of DXLS!

i have changed the power output wire that looks bad, but still didn’t work, what must i do??

Thank you very much


Do you have a U2D2 that you can use to test them one by one?

i do, but when i try to turn on opencr, the dynamixels pilot Lights up only less than 1 second. does my opencr have the power issue, or just the wiring failure??

When first powered on, the DXLs always flash the LEDs very briefly - this is a good sign that they are working.

Unfortunately, I do not use the OpenCR, so I can’t help much more.

You can always use the OpenCR just to power the DXLs, and then tap one DXL at a time to your U2D2 to check it out with DXL Wizard 2.