Getting Started with TB3 Burger RPI4 4GB ROS1

Hi There,

If I have TB3 Burger RPI4 4 GB.
Kindly, Would someone recommends which is the best version of

  • ROS1 Version
  • Ubuntu Version (for the PC)
  • Ubuntu Version / other Best OS (for the RPI4 4 GB)

Thanks in advance.

May I suggest that ROS1 Noetic LTE 2025 is the best choice, Kinetic is support discontinued, Dashing , Eloquent do not have Autorace2000 scripts.

I have successfully configured a Raspi4/4GB SBC (with Robotis image) and MAC M1 Parallels VM with UB20/ROS Noetic, using Robotis excellent instructions. Note for the camera, use cv_camera package on the SBC, disregard the Raspicam install as there are missing UB20 dependancies.

I have not yet verified operational with the OpenCR, but expect no issue.

I have been running a TB3 Kinetic for 4 years with a great experience and outstanding support from Robotics folks.

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Many thanks Sir, I appreciate it.