Help control motors using real time or post processed data

I have a project with the objective of controlling the joint positions of a 6-degree of freedom robotic arm using real-time or post-processed data. At this moment, I am using post-processed data and a combination of MX-28 and MX -106 Dynamixel motors to move the joints with protocol 2. In addition, I am using a time-based profile velocity of 5 milliseconds to control the speed of the speed of the motors. However, the motions are quite jerky and erratic with this program settings. I am using a python script to execute this program. Please let me know what I am doing wrong or any tip on motor control that I might have missed in the protocol document. Thank you!

So far I have only used Time based control with XL-430s and I had problems with values smaller than 10 ms for Profile Velocity.

Secondly please check the current value of Profile Acceleration. If it is still defaulted at 0, this means that you are using an Impulse Profile so the actuator is bound to be jerky. The Profile Acceleration in this case is also a time value in ms. Logically speaking it needs to be non-zero but less than your current Profile Velocity value.

Lastly if none of these tips helps, then you may have to reduce the default values for the Position and Velocity P Gain parameters also.

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Subsection 2.1.4 for Timed Based Control for the XL-430, but it should apply for the MX-106 also.

Thank you. that was helpful.