How can I use the SM-10 Servo Motor with my Turtlebot3 ?

Hello everyone,

I have a Turtlebot3 burger robot with an OPENCR controller and a Raspberry Pi 3b+. My computer and the OPENCR are running Ubuntu 20.04 and ROS Noetic.

I would like to install an SM-10 servo motor on my Turtlebot under the rasperry pi camera to rotate it (right and left). For example, when I press the right arrow key, I want the camera to turn right. Before buying this servomotor, I would like to know how to write a script to control it without using RoboPlus but I can’t find any explanation on these websites :

I saw that this servo should plug into the OLLO pins. I already have 3 working sensors plugged into these OLLO pins (2 bumper sensors and 1 cliff sensor). The different scripts for these sensors were directly available on the turtlebot3_example package so it was quite easy to know how to control them.

So I would like to know if anyone knows how to control this servo motor from a script like for the other sensors?
Is it possible to have a sample file to check it?
Do you know the topic(s) to subscribe and publish the various servomotor information (speed, direction of rotation, point to reach)?

Thank you in advance for your answer.