How to connect XT60 battery to U2D2 Power Hub?

I just received the Dynamixel starter kit, and I was thinking of powering the Dynamixel servos (3 XM430-W350-R) with a LiPo battery which has an XT60 connector. However, the Power Hub doesn’t have a connection for XT60 directly. What would be the best way to connect the battery to the Power Hub? Do I need to remove the XT60 connector from the battery and connect the battery’s wires directly to a molex connector housing, or is there a better way?

Hi @watchieboy

I think the best way to provide power to DYNAMIXEL through U2D2 + PHB is to connect the XT60 cable to the teminal block(green block in the image below) of the U2D2 Power Hub Board