How to estabilish IR communication on CM530 in ROBOTIS STEM


I am trying to friend RC-100A remote controller and CM530. I am trying to insert IR receiver to controller and operate with it using R+ and Embedded C. I could not get any reaction from it. I had tried to change channels, but there is no result. R+ Manager shows nothing.

How to check if IR receiver or transmitter broken or how to make it work?

Software Interface:

Embedded C, R+ Task, R+ Manager

Can you share a screenshot of your TASK program?

Also is this first time that you use the RC100A and IR receiver? Or did this system work for you before?

@roboteer , I have tried to run official example “Cannon shooter” from ROBOTIS STEM. I also tried to add explicit channel setting to program. This is first time when I am using RC100A.

Hello. I am Sümeyye, from Istanbul, Türkiye, from Sancaktepe Anatolian Imam-Hatip High School. We use Robotis stem sets for educational purposes in our school. We want to make a remote controlled car in our classes. Even though I connected the remote control with its receiver, the remote control does not work. What I want to do is to control the car (engines number one and two) with the remote control.
I’ll be happy if you can help me
I’m looking forward to your return
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In order to utilize the remote controller with the STEM kit, you’ll need to create a program to load to your robot containing the remote control operating code. Our example 11, beetle gripper expansion project contains an example of the required code for your reference.