How to flash firmware to CM530 without R+

I need flash firmware written in C to CM530. But I don’t use Windows, and I wouldn’t like use WINE or VM. Official method is RoboPlus Terminal. How to do it with COM port using it directly?

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R+ is the only officially supported method of uploading custom firmware to the CM530. While use of WINE or a VM is also not supported, that would be my recommendation on how to proceed if you are unable to use a Windows based device to upload your firmware.

WINE or VM can be a “plan B”. But I think that it is possible to do it without R+ at all. If I understand correctly, protocol for communication with controller is pretty simple and it is possible to use it manually.

@Jonathon, I have done it! CuteCom terminal works fine, I have succesful flashed the firmware. But official code examples do not work with latest gcc version and I am compelled to begin from scratch with datasheet and STM32 documentation.

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