How to PID tune without the interface from the store and Dynamixel Wizard



Issue Description

Connecting the wires that go into the interface module means taking apart a lot of my machine. I would rather just PID tune with the entry that I have which is the API I built. I can interact with all the registers and get information fine. But I am noticing that my servos sometimes aren’t moving probably or are overshooting.

Is there maybe a way I can take the values I receive and enter them into some calculator to figure out how to PID tune like I previously did in the wizard? The wizard is very nice.


There are a wide variety of PID tuning calculations that can be used to determine PID settings for your system without requiring trial and error tuning. The specific method to use will depend on what kind of performance you need, and on the safety of the system regarding under or overshooting your goals.

I started just raising the P gain and it eventually got so close to the goal position, I didn’t feel the need to increase I or D gain. I am not quite sure how I can get the information to make a graph to see the osicillations and stuff. But for this application, it seems to be working very well.

The minimum information you would need to create a graph like the ones available in the Wizard for PID tuning would be the Goal Position and Present Position control table items, so you can compare the actual movements with the desired goal positions.

The specifics of actually fetching the information will depend on how you are operating your servos, but I might be able to provide more advice if you had any further questions.