How to reconfigure the parameters of Dynamixel PRO

We are a team of students developing some software

tools to interface with the robots that we are developing

which use Dynamixel PRO motors.

Thus far we have been working well with the motors

and interfacing with the motors while changing some motor

parameters using packetHandler to set the parameters.

Below is the list of parameters they have been exploring.

  1. Torque Enable - 512

2)Profile Velocity - 560 (Range - 0 to 800)

3)Profile acceleration - 556 (Range -50 to 50)

  1. Operating Mode - 11 (switching between mode 1 and 3)

During our work we were changing the above parameters in

different combinations and at some point, we were not able

to communicate with the motor.

The motor turns ON/OFF when powered, and the torque

is engaged. However, we can no longer have communication

with the motor. When running the Dynamixel wizard software

such software doesn’t detect the motor.

So, we are writing seeking advise on how to resolve such


Is there a way to reset the motor to its original configuration?

or re-establish communication with the motor?, etc.

Hopefully this is a simple aspect to solve, and we can get the

motor working within the next few days.

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Sometimes communication and detection issues like this can be caused by errors in DYNAMIXEL firmware. In those cases, a firmware recovery should be enough to restore full functionality of the actuator.

If firmware recovery fails, or if it does not restore proper operation, it is likely that your actuator will require RMA repair service .


Hello @urja

  1. Perform what Jonathon suggested. (Firmware Recovery)

  2. Check

  • pysical cable issue (If Daisiy Chained, use only one DYNAMIXEL)
  1. Highly recommend informing of what h/w status and dev enviroment DYNAMIXEL running with (Interface such as U2D2, Arduino, etc)