How to set id XL-320

My DarwinOP`s 16th servo had an issue. Than i bought a new servo. But i think that I need set an id for it. How can i do it? Is it possible by using arduino?

The DYNAMIXEL2Arduino ID example is the simplest way to do so, just make sure to modify the code to set the ID correctly.

Are there any solutions without dynamixel shield?

Do you have a Windows or Linux PC where you could use Dynamixel Wizard software + a U2D2 module (via USB Port) to change the ID of your new Dynamixel?

Or do you have other ROBOTIS Controllers such as CM-530 or CM-550? Then you can also use the Manager software.

I have a Windows but i dont have u2d2 and it is out of stock in my country. But I have an TTL to USB converter. Can i use Dynamixel Wizard with my ttl converter?

Do you mean that you have the old USB2Dynamixel dongle? That should work too.


If you can supply proper voltage to your XL320s when using the TTL to USB converter, that would work perfectly with DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0 to assign your new IDs.

No its not dynamixel. Its randomly a converter. Like that:

Thx a lot, btw my ttl converter has two communication pins that name tx and rx have i am short out them for xl320’s data cable?

Do you happen to know if your adapter is full-duplex or half-duplex?

Oh boy! If your TTL Converter is full-duplex (most likely scenario). You are just getting yourself into lots of issues. Please see this post.

İdk it’s half or full dublex, but i will try it today.

It didnt worked with my converter. Is this possible by using OpenCM Microcontroller?

If by OpenCM you meant OpenCM-904 then you can use Arduino to control your XL-320 or you can do firmware recovery on the 904 then use Task or Manager to control your DXLs also.

So I may use OpenCM and Dynamixel Arduino Shield for set id is that okey?

Do you already have the 904? OpenCM 904 does not need any Dynamixel Shield to work with Arduino as it already has connectors for the XL-320 already. Please check the Robotis e-manual web site.

If you have access to an OpenCM controller, you can use it and the Arduino IDE to control your XL-320. Instructions to install the OpenCM board package for the Arduino IDE can be found on the ROBOTIS eManual.