How update firmware xl-320 news?

I have an xl-320 and want to update the firmware. current condition xl-320 red LED is not blinking. I’ve been using u2d2 last month still able to update the firmware, but now it doesn’t work in updating the firmware using dynamixel wizard 2.0. is there a solution?

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What do you mean XL-320 LED is not blinking?

Does it mean when you powering up the DYNAMIXEL, and the LED does not blink?

In this case, you should send it for ROBOTIS and request repair service.

yes, but LED always on RED color. and usually recovery firmware solution. now I can’t recover the firmware, is there a sign that the U2D2 module is damaged?

I see,

U2D2 could be the issue, but what you should check first is the cable.

Repleace all the cable with new, and see what’s going on.