Implementation of OpenCR for custom robot platform

May I consult with you regarding the firmware, or require steps that I need to do in order to use OpenCR board for my custom robot platform. IN which my robot consists of 12 actuator that assemble as in a four legs robots. And I would like to plan to have a robot system that controlling multi robot, so i am using ROS for the main system control.

As previously I have been played with the turtlebot3, and get to know OpenCR board could provide the communication with rosserial among the remote pc and the robot. So I am interest to start a design of firmware configuration for my custom robot platform.

As I am actually unsure how is the schematic of robot control communication among the remote pc-sbc-openCR. I am unsure where to start with in order to prepare for my robot pin map assignment. All your advise and opinion will be appreciated.


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Hi, @ycean

I do not know about OpenCR deeply, but this is worthy of going through Github page,

And I think that the OpenCR firmware is mainly designed as the Arduino library.