Input Voltage Range for OpenMANIPULATOR-P

I got an OpenMANIPULATOR-P and want to mount it on a Clearpath Jackal. The Jackal’s specsheet said that it provides 24V user power but having the Jackal here, I saw that it only provides battery voltage which is 28.9V at max.

The docs of the OM-P only say 24V as input voltage without any tolerance. My question is now if I can safely run the OM-P on 28.9V on the Jackal ?

Thanks in advance!


Hi, @mfhei

DYNAMIXEL is desgined on the basis of 24 V rated voltage. So it would be okay to put little more power, up to the Max/Min Voltage Limit.

But as you might be aware, using the exceeding voltage than its rated will not gurantee the expected lifespan of DC motor. This means, I recommend using the DYNAMIXEL around the rated voltage by adding a voltage converter if possible.


Hello @mfhei

do you mind sharing the power supply you used? I got a new OM-P and now figuring what to buy for the power supply, and the connection cable too (connecting power supply and the OM-P). It would be great if you have this info to share.

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Hi @marian,

as mentioned above, mine is mounted on a Clearpath Jackal UGV. The Jackal provides 28V battery voltage so we can use the Jackals user power and don’t need a psu.
For use of the OMP on a teststand we are using a cheap lab power supply like this one (german website): %product-title% kaufen
Information about the connectors can be found here: OpenMANIPULATOR-P


Thank you so much @mfhei

I would like to ask a bit more. Say, I buy the PSU, then from the manual, shall I make a custom power cable with one end “power” (yellow highlight in the picture, or Power column in manual 3.3.3) and the other end fit for PSU? What does the “external port” in the manual refer to?

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Hi @marian,
yes exactly. You need a custom cable with the “male” housing of the molex power connector to plug into the arm. Here is an image of the cable:

The connect is btw a standard 2-pin molex connector, we had many of those flying around in our workshop including the crimp terminals, so nothing special here.

The external port is afaik only on the gripper (RH-P12-RN) and could be used for serial communication and power for addititonal payloads added to the gripper/arm but I have not used it yet and have not idea how to use it.


add: I saw your post just now and I was also wondering about the 20 AWG since 20 AWG is usually not enougth for 24V 15A. We are using the arm with such a cable and everything works fine but we haven’t used it with maximum payload. This is all I can say about safety regarding the cable.

Thank you so much @mfhei :smiley:
your information is super useful, really appreciated =]