Input Voltage Range for OpenMANIPULATOR-P

I got an OpenMANIPULATOR-P and want to mount it on a Clearpath Jackal. The Jackal’s specsheet said that it provides 24V user power but having the Jackal here, I saw that it only provides battery voltage which is 28.9V at max.

The docs of the OM-P only say 24V as input voltage without any tolerance. My question is now if I can safely run the OM-P on 28.9V on the Jackal ?

Thanks in advance!


Hi, @mfhei

DYNAMIXEL is desgined on the basis of 24 V rated voltage. So it would be okay to put little more power, up to the Max/Min Voltage Limit.

But as you might be aware, using the exceeding voltage than its rated will not gurantee the expected lifespan of DC motor. This means, I recommend using the DYNAMIXEL around the rated voltage by adding a voltage converter if possible.