Introducing the OpenRB-150

ROBOTIS is excited to announce the release of the OpenRB-150, a new open source Arduino compatible embedded controller. This Controller supports Arduino IDE for project development as well as DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0 for configuring and maintaining DYNAMIXELs.

Key Features:

  • The same Pinout and Form Factor as the Arduino MKR, providing full compatibility with Arduino MKR Shields.
  • Compatible with Arduino IDE.
  • Custom firmware provides compatibility with DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0 for testing and calibration.

The OpenRB-150 is compatible with 5v and 12v DYNAMIXEL actuators using either USB voltage in, or the terminal input jack.



For detailed technical information, please refer to the OpenRB e-Manual page.

The OpenRB-150 is available as a standalone product or as part of the OpenRB-150 starter kit package.

The OpenRB-150 starter kit includes an OpenRB-150 and an XL330-M288-T, to allow you to get started right away on your own low cost robotics project.


  • Our most compact and lightweight DYNAMIXEL actuator
  • Supports RC protocol & 6 control modes including Current Control and Current Based Position Control.

Buy an OpenRB-150 Now for only $24.90!
Americas Product Page
International Product Page

Buy an OpenRB-150 Starter Kit Now for only $45.90!
Americas Product Page
International Product Page

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