Introduction of Dynamixel PRO+

Upload the video of Dynamixel PRO +.

Dynamixel PRO+ has better performance than Dynamixel PRO.

We plan to release the PRO(A) firmware that is modifed PRO+ firmware to fit PRO.

I expect that the PRO will perform as well as the PRO+ by PRO(A) firmware.

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A few questions about pro-plus:

  • When are you planning to release it?
  • Can we expect X-series enhancements (time based profile etc.) also in Pro+?
  • Will Pro+ have current based control?
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We are trying to release Pro-plus ASAP. it will be released in this year.

Most functions of Pro-plus inherits X-series except time based profile

However, time-based profiles are also being planned.

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Once Pro plus is released, will it be possible to upgrade firmware of Pro (say M series) so that it will turn into a Pro-Plus?

Hi @armobot,

You can upgrade the Pro firmware to Pro(A) so that Pro can be compatible to Pro+.
However, please note that there are hardware(mechanical and electrical designs) differences between Pro and Pro+.

Thanks for the quick response.

I have buy the H54-200-S500-R pro series motor
Can I upgrade the firmware to H54-200-S500-R(A)?

thanks for your advice